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According to Kyoto protocol, most of the countries in the world, including Switzerland, have agreed on dramatic reductions on carbon dioxide emissions by year 2010.


Most of the harmful carbon dioxide emissions are caused by use of fossil fuels in industry, transport and households. There’s a lot of speculation on as to what kind of effect this reduction will have on individuals, but it is highly likely that those individuals who consume less fossil fuels than their fellow citizens, and opt for environmentally friendly energy sources, will be privileged in many ways.


This will most probably be seen in extra taxes laid on petrol, household fuels, and low standard houses.


It has been decided that all houses will be classified according to their energy consumption, similarly to electric appliances, and it has been suggested that A-class houses will be getting tax benefits and D-class houses will be taxed heavily.


Already now, government compensates you for the efforts you spend in getting your house to meet the standards. All Minergie-houses are class A houses. Why to wait?


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