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I-Cons is specialising in combining the most efficient and environmentally friendly building techniques in providing you the house of your dreams.


We bring together the Swiss and international building techniques in order to provide you with the best product available.

We build timber structures as well as traditional concrete structures- whatever way you like your new home to be.


We will present you the different options for technical things such as the source of energy used, the heating systems, the ventilation machines etc, and you can decide what exactly you want it to be.


We help you to find the best finishing touches, and if you want, you can use our interior decorators to make sure you will find exactly the style you are looking for.


We build modern houses as well as traditional houses, to suit your individual taste.

We will make sure that the design of your home suits you perfectly and take all the suggestions you may have regarding the designs into consideration.

After all, we are building your home and you will live in it.





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